Blackberry Farm Classic Belgian-Style Ale

This is a terrible label. I don't want this to get into some kind of graphic design debate or a treatise on the visual expectations of consumers as they stroll by crowded cases of beer, but this beer is hopefully better than the label on its can. It looks like someone who wanted to be a quilter but couldn't was also a fan of snowflakes. I don't know why this is relevant to the beer.

The pale yellow-gold beer has enough head from the get-go, but it leaves precious little lacing as it fizzles away to a fairly drab, uneven skin across the top of the beer. The aroma of Belgian yeasts and honey malt greet my nose right in the... well, in the nose. So, this might be a pretty good beer.

First sip is all the Belgian yeast you can hope for with that honey malt acting as a plate, just serving it up. Aside from that, this is a very simple beer.

Tip-in is lemon zest and grains with the carbonation tingling all around the place like scattered Christmas lights. The middle spreads into a delicious cacophony of flowers, grains, and a mix of light tropical fruits. The finish is a yeast-heavy dankness that ends with a bit of a bitter retard.

Bottom Line: Not as enjoyable as some other beers, but solid.



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