Left Hand Extrovert American IPA

Another hoppy beer, Tim? Yes, another hoppy beer. I don't need your kind of attitude, dammit! I'm trying to enjoy a beer here. This one is from Left Hand, and those guys make beer that is eminently enjoyable. So, will the IPA be as good? Let's find out together.

The dark copper beer has a sticky, sticky head that leaves lacing like a nut. The aroma is hit-you-over-the-head hops. I guess that's not out of the blue - this is "extrovert" after all. I can't express how much I'm looking forward to this one, and I don't have to wait any longer.

First sip is really kind of spectacular. It's hoppy, but it's not overloaded to the point of a mouth full of hop bitterness. Instead, it has the floral and citrus (mostly floral) hops and the malt just kind of tossing a blanket over it before it manages to get the bitter spike. Will a swig be as good?

Tip-in is burning carbonation over floral hops that are positively simmering while waiting to pounce on my taste buds. The middle pounces with citrus hops and a very unexpected malt bread. The finish does bring a bit of bitterness - the malt can't cover it all up, it turns out. Instead, there is a bite of bitterness that trails in a floral swirl.

Bottom Line: Pretty damn good. Could have been a little better.



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