Yazoo "Dos Perros" Lager

This is not going to go well. I have a friend, Frogman, who recently had this very beer from the same batch, and he was very unhappy about it. Now, he and I don't share an exact taste for beer, but we are similarly aligned most of the time. The problems are compounded by the fact that this beer doesn't bother to list the ABV on the bottle or even what kind of style it is. I'm guessing it is a dark Mexican lager, but that's based on clues, and I hate clues. This stinks of hipster beer.

Speaking of stinking, the aroma is not bad with it's caramel and coffee malt bringing a sweetness and even a bitter aroma to the beer. The color is a deep mahogany brown with a slightly off-white head. No, there isn't going to be any lacing, but lacing isn't even expected in a lager, right? Certainly not a Mexican lager (if this is even a lager).

First sip is not terrible. It's a bit bitey, but the malt is caramel and toffee with an earth backing it up, and the carbonation (usually a danger in the malt-heavy beers) isn't burning the crap out of my mouth. Of course, a sip doesn't really give it much of a chance, does it?

Tip-in is moderate carbonation burn with the thick toffee and caramel malt bringing more of a dry taste than any kind of sweetness. The middle presses on with the malt giving way to significant carbonation burn that overwhelms everything. The finish is nutty and dark fruit trailing off into dust.

Bottom Line: Unfortunate.



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