Fat Orange Cat "Launch" IPA

This is the latest of these Fat Orange Cat beers. I wasn't a fan of the first one mostly because I don't like coffee, and they didn't bother to put on the label. The others were better, and I think the one in front of me may wind up being their best. I can't say I care for the cutesy nature of the packaging which confuses the type of beverage and name of beverage and then adds that "Twelve Percent Beer Project" tagline as if it's supposed to mean something.

She's a yellowy-amber beer without a whole lot of head and just a dusting that gets left on top. Lacing is actually not that bad despite the severe lack of head, though. The aroma is more bread malt than I would've expected from an IPA, but the citrus with its lemons and oranges seems to complement the malt fairly well. Of course, this is just in the smell. Here, we taste!

First sip isn't bad, but there's not a whole lot of substance to this beer. Instead, I get the notes of citrus going on their date with the malt, but it seems like it's a first date, and no one wants to offend anyone else. As a result, the overall effect is kind of watery. Maybe this would work as an all day IPA, but at 8% alcohol by volume, it seems unlikely you'd be able to last all day.

Tip-in is fairly significant carbonation burn coupled with a fairly thick citrus rind. The middle gets the carbonation burn moving across the whole mouth, culminating in a stabbing at the back of the throat while the bread malt asserts itself with a sweetness to counteract any bitterness that might've come along from the lemons, oranges, and tangerines. The finish is a mild tartness on top of a very thin layer of bread malt, but the sensation of the carbonation burn has gone away, so you're happy enough to find that end.

Bottom Line: It's an okay beer, but it doesn't know what to do with its own carbonation, and its flavor profile is forgettable.



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