Dogfish Head "Liquid Truth Serum" IPA

I recently heard someone I know and (vaguely) trust bad mouth Dogfish Head as a brewer. I suspect this is like someone saying that they don't like Sam Adams or Blue Moon; they have only had the one big beer that these breweries are known for, and they are missing out on some very good, lesser known beers. Well, I never heard of this one, so it should be good if my theorem can be confirmed.

The wonderfully golden beer has a very white head that has staying power and it's sticky and clumpy, but it only leaves moderate lacing on the sides of the glass. The aroma is joyous hops with their citrus and tropical smells wafting all around, and they just simmer in the daylight with an air of sweetness and fun to them.

First sip is almost creamy it's so juicy. Oranges and grapefruit bring pine to the mix with a bit of mango tossed in to make things interesting. There is a sweetness to the meat of the beer, but there is a dryness to the finish. I'd like to describe it more, but you know what a sip is like - a peep hole into the hallway of taste.

Tip-in is moderate carbonation burn with tropical and citrus fruits intermingled into an indistinct slushie of juices. The middle comes with just enough acid to dance with the carbonation and make things playful while the fruit and pine play the music and keep the beat. The finish a where the carbonation gives up and lets the fruits assert themselves before the trail off adds a bit of bittersweet. As a bonus, the whole beer gets more mild as it loses the cold.

Bottom Line: An approachable beer with a solid flavor profile.



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