Yazoo "15th Anniversary" Ale

When asked about Yazoo, I generally say that it's not the best brewery that I've sampled wares from in Nashville, but it's certainly not the worst (looking at you, Blackstone). The fact that they're celebrating a 15th anniversary means that they may have more beers under their belt that might be able to improve their standing in my assessments.

The orange-brass beer has a moderate head that fizzles down to a thin coat across the top with a reinforced line around the sides of the glass. The aroma is citrus, pine, and flowers. Based entirely on the smell, this would seem to be a very hop-heavy IPA, and it's not just a regular ale - hell, this isn't even listing itself as a pale ale. I wonder what it tastes like.

First sip is not particularly nice. It is citrus-heavy, but there's a funk and a tartness that are fighting with each other, and the casualty is my taste buds. While I was writing this review, I tried to find the ABV of this beer, and I wound up on their website (which doesn't list it, but their Twitter was pretty helpful) that has a whole section on embracing the funk of a beer. Generally, funk beers and dank beers are hipster swill and can join sours and coffee beers in the suitcase getting loaded onto the train of destiny. That destiny? To burn in hell.

Tip-in is carbonation burn (moderate) with orange and peach being joined by some grapefruit. The middle swells into a serious carbonation tidal wave of burning as the flavors don't even really try to assert themselves. The finish is crisp, and then the funk eases into the citrus before fading with tartness. I will at least say that this gets better when it gets a bit of warmth in it.

Bottom Line: Not really sure how beers like this can keep them afloat for another 15 years.



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