Almanac "Vibes" Pilsner

The last time I had a beer from Almanac, it didn't go well. It's possible that I cast dispersions on the people who work there and their attempts to defile my mouth with a putrescence that has not been seen since the dawn of time. But, that was a sour beer. This particular concoction has a much better chance of finding the correct taste buds, as a pilsner will rarely offend.

The beer is such a pale shade of yellow that it absorbs and reflects out the colors from anything that surrounds it. I briefly thought that this beer was almost a green-hued beer simply because it was sitting next to the can and merging the beer's colors with the can's colors. The head is impressive and thick to the point that I didn't even bother waiting for it to go down and just enjoyed the thickness of the fulsome head. The aroma is lemon zest over grains. So far, so good.

First sip is a bit more relaxed than I would typically expect a Pilsner, but it has the heavy grains and the lemon that I smelled. There are other fruits in there with it, but they're very faint. I wasn't really expecting this beer to smash my tastebuds hard with flavor, but this is a lot more mild than I expected from something called Vibes. The vibe it's sending to me is that it's just mellowing out.

Tip-in is barley, citrus, and melons. The carbonation isn't even entering into it. The middle brings carbonation into the fold as the lemons and melons really rise up so that you can taste the meat of the fruits, and the texture of the fruit is being given by the barley and wheatgrass. Trail off is where the tartness comes up, but it's not overwhelming. Lemons and grains remain on the lips as the whole thing trails off.

Bottom Line: A crisp beer that is probably best on an evening where you would tend to drink a few of them.



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