Oskar Blues "Can-O-Bliss" Tropical IPA

Oh, can you not read the can? Well, you're not alone. I know it says "Can-O-Bliss" but anything beyond that is just speculation. I'm not sure why they went with such a confusing looking label, and I may eventually start a blog just on how bad beer labels can get, but this blog isn't about that. What we're about here is drinking beer to find the best that beer has to offer. And that's what I'm going to do with this.

The orange-tinted, honey-colored beer has the exact right amount of head for an IPA. When it boils away, it doesn't leave any lacing, but that's the price we pay, I suppose. The aroma is - would you believe it? Tropical fruits! It's got a doughy malt tamping down any bitterness, but it's not lending any sweetness to the hops.

First sip is a very nice tropical beverage. It isn't bitter from all the hops (thanks, doughy malt!) and it tastes of peaches, nectarines, pears, and pineapple. The taste is both crisp and smooth, and it deserves a good swig, doesn't it?

Tip-in is mild carbonation tingle with apricots and mangoes lounging on the beach. The middle brings an ocean of the fruits found in the sip, but they are gentle and nonchalant about their waves of precious goodness. The finish is an ocean spray of bitterness and tartness, but it's only a light spray before tropical fruits pick up again for the trail-off.

Bottom Line: Solid.


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