Sun King IPA

The ABV on this is 6.5%. The only reason I know this is that SKB (Sun King Brewery) has it on their website, but they don't bother to put it on the beer. Some small breweries do this because the ABV in the beer fluctuates pretty significantly from one batch to the next (a small brewery I went to once had a batch that they had accidentally allowed to get dangerously close to their local legal limit of alcohol, and they consequently restricted the number you could have while you were there. I had two. They were delicious).

The clear, brass-colored beer has a minimal head, but it's sticky, and it likes to leave lacing, so I'm going to go ahead and call it just about perfect. The aroma is very juicy citrus and a bit of mustiness from the doughy malt. It's got a sweet feel to it, and I'm in the mood for a good, sweet citrus beer.

First sip is not sweet. It is not sweet at all. It's bitter and tart, and the slight mustiness is a blanket of dust that covers all and doesn't let any light out. There is citrus in the background, but it doesn't seem to be matching the side effects that it is bringing. In short, the sip isn't good.

Tip-in is carbonation burn, citrus prickle, and malt dust combining with a bitter overcoat. The middle stretches into an unexpected smooth citrus-flavored bread malt. The finish is a harsh mistress of carbonation mixing with the tart and bitterness to create a discordant noise that ruins the smooth middle.

Bottom Line: SKB, I hope Indiana has better.



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