Victory Storm King Imperial Stout

I swear I've had this before. I can say that, as I know for certain that I definitely have. The problem is that it was so long ago that it was before I started to document the beers that I've tried. So, I'm backed into this corner of having to drink it as if it is completely new to me. Good news - I can handle this.

The black beer has an odd mix of brown and red at the extreme corners, and it is very reluctant to release any head. It's reluctant in the same way the bourbon barrel beers tend to be, but this is definitely not from a barrel. The aroma is rich and thick with coffee, chocolate, and caramel in the malt areas and a pine hop with dark fruit floating on top.

First sip is the thick, roasted malt with it's coffee and bitterness mesmerizing the tastebuds while earth and dark fruit make a subtle background for it to dance across. It's a bit much for a sip, but that's going to be the case with pretty much any imperial stout, isn't it?

Tip-in is syrup and dark fruits with carbonation just tingling like dazzling stars across the sky (not that they are massive balls of flame or something). The middle is a heightening of the carbonation as the coffee, chocolate, dark fruit, pine, and a bitterness settle in and run very smoothly right across the mouth. The finish is a bit roasty with light bitterness and toasted oats.

Bottom Line: Imperial stouts are not particularly approachable, but this one isn't half bad.



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