Gate City "Awe Juice" IPA

It says to drink straight from the can, but that would rob me of the picture I usually take. Screw them and their imperialist instructions - I do things the way I do them, and they don't get to own me. That said, I totally roll the can as instructed, as I am a good boy who behaves and does what he's told underneath all this rebellion.

As soon as I open the can, the juicy nature of the beer smacks me in the nose. The tangerine, grapefruit, orange, and lemon are all bringing their fruitiness to bare on me, and I'm here for it. The murky copper-gold beer's sticky white head is just the container for the juice, and I want some in my belly.

First sip is more bitter, pine, mustiness, and dank than I expected from the very juicy nose. In fact, I'm not sure I tasted any of the fruits at all past that bitter side effect of the hops. Where's the malt? Why isn't the malt doing something to tamp down these problems? Seems like this beer needs balanced quite a bit - the sip should never have left the brewery. But that's only a sip. And around here, we swig to find out what makes a beer tick.

Tip-in is light carbonation burn with a thick undercurrent of grapefruit and orange pulp; citric acid is high right off the bat. The middle is a smooth rush of juice (all of the ones I mentioned above) with carbonation sparkling around the sides. The finish is bitter, a little dank, and a little pine, but this time, it's all earned by the middle.

Bottom Line: This won't be everyone's favorite, but it should be on their list of beers to taste correctly.



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