Knee Deep "Stoutello" Chocolate Stout

Hailing from California, this beer is a milk stout with chocolate and hazelnut added to it. It's possible Nutella was their template for this beer, and I'm a go ahead and go out on a limb and say that it almost definitely was. I don't know what the deal is with the freaky looking green hop–based, bow-wearing creature is on the front, but I think I complain enough about can art.

Color is a deep, deep brown to the point of being black. The head is a medium tan – kind of a khaki. The aroma is predictably chocolate and hazelnut. There are deeper aromas going on underneath those two, but they are definitely running with it. I think I can smell the malt, and it is lightly toasted. This really smells like a good dessert beer.

First sip is pretty good, but it's a little watery. It's got that overly mild sensation of there being carbonated water with some flavors added to it, but it's very watered down. That said, the flavors that have been added are definitely worth adding. It's a sweet and roasted nuttiness with the chocolate being much more of a background player than I would've expected. Maybe that's what's giving me the sensation that this watery.

Tip-in is toasted bread, hazelnut, and very light sprinkle of cocoa powder with carbonation circling around. The middle isn't watery at all, instead, it's smooth with the chocolatey milk flowing down the gullet and the toasted bread, some caramel, and the hazelnuts all going with it. The finish is a snap of bitterness coming forward with the cocoa and a slight coffee taste as the nuts trail off in a toasted distance.

Bottom Line: This might not just be a dessert beer, and I might just have another.



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