Mississippi "Mississippi Mud" Black & Tan

I did a quick search, and much to my surprise I have not done a review of a black and tan before. I have had many black and tans in my day, most of those poured at a bar using the proper technique with Guinness and Bass. This beer uses a porter and a pilsner to achieve what it calls a black and tan, and I guess these things are just up to interpretation. After all, I've had lots of different beers mixed and called black and tan (including some lagers).

The beer is surprisingly dark red (I expected something closer to black) with an off-white (but not all the way to tan) head. The aroma (I think I may be using too many parentheticals in this review already) is roasted malts and toasted grains; it's sweet and tangy, and I'm feeling its good vibes.

First sip is a slather of carbonation sizzle followed by watery toasted caramel soup. It's way too watery for a mixture of two flavorful beers. There is a bit of chocolate and coffee to try and mitigate the mild nature of this brew, but there is just not enough there there.

Tip-in is furious carbonation burn with toasted oats and wheat mixing with a sweet caramel. The middle comes with even more carbonation heaping on top of the grains, caramel malt, and toasted wheat. The finish is a crack of bitterness with the carbonation heaping on top before sliding away with earth and mud in the trail off.

Bottom Line: My review may have sounded like I didn't like it, but this is definitely crushable, even if it is not a particular standout.



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