Ommegang "Game of Thrones - For The Throne" Golden Ale

This is my seventh beer from the series. I'm not sure if there are other beers labeled to coincide with the release of Game of Thrones, but I have tried all the ones I came in contact with. At this point, there are more beers that I have tried than there will be episodes in this last season. The battle of Winterfell has occurred, and we're just waiting for the last few episodes in the series. So, I drink this beer with a heavy heart. Nevertheless, I drink it.

True to it's name, the beer is a very rich shade of gold. The abundant, "Stark" white head is a mix of dense bubbles and big, fluffy bubbles that sits atop the beverage like a crown, and it takes a little bit to go down; when it does, it leaves a dense layer to protect the top of the beer. Emanating from the depths is a thick, moist yeast and grape juice mixed with grains.

First sip is surprisingly good. The yeast is mixing with the grapes to make a very unique beer-wine combination that has the fullness of the wine with the drinkability of the beer. The grapes are heavy and dark, and the yeast is foreboding and mysterious, so the combination is a mix of deep thought and quiet contemplation. What I'm trying to say is that these tastes really seem to compliment each other, but I'm getting overwhelmed with the idea that GoT is going to end, and then Ommegang might not make any more of these special beers.

Tip-in is carbonation sizzle with the yeast and grains vying for supremacy while a creamy sweetness and barely pops its head out to be seen.The middle is a ferocious sizzle of carbonation jumping up and down all over the mouth. The yeast and grains become more mild in the background as grapes join them a bit, but carbonation is definitely ruling the day. The finish is a surge of wine, but then it drops off suddenly to allow a sweetness of both yeast and wine to remain for the trail off.

Bottom Line: Not the best of the series of beers, but the end of something good is always a little bitter.



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