Founders "Trigo Hoppy Wheat" Lager

Ever since I got this set of beer glasses from my wife, I have struggled to really figure out why one class is supposed to be better than another for a particular style of beer. This glass is for wheat beers, but it says on the box that it's for wheat ales specifically. I'm just gonna go ahead and throw this be lager in here, and maybe we shouldn't really trying to select whether or not it's the right glass for this beer that came in a can.

The very pale yellow beer starts to turn a little orange toward the top where the liquid has area to spread out (I think I found the reason for the special glass). There isn't much of a head to begin with, and it tries to hang on the sides of the glass, but it's really not going to win this battle. The aroma is grassy and wheaty, and it has a bit of lemon and possibly honey coming through as well.

First sip is certainly not bad. It's very watery, but it has enough greens and grass and even that lemon to at least give the impression of a proper beverage. I wouldn't want to compare the wateriness of this beer to a macro brew like Budweiser or something, but it's deftly not attacking the tastebuds with a whole lot of verve.

Tip-in is gentle lemon and wheat surrounded by a cacophony of carbonation burning. The middle burns the whole mouth with carbonation as the grass and grains in lemon slop forward and down the throat. The finish is a little bit of a tart and bitter mild fruit that comes apart from the greens and trails off with a crescendo of tartness.

Bottom Line: It's easy to rely on a brewer as predictably good as Founders.



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