Braxton "Revamp" IPA

I surely can't be the first person to point out to Braxton that the logo that they've chosen is vaguely reminiscent of a Nazi logo, can I? It's not a good look to try and emulate Nazis, and this is especially true with their recent resurgence. I realize this is brewed in Kentucky, but I'm pretty sure the Nazis are generally frowned upon there, too. Still, this is a great name for a beer. This isn't one of those names that just goes on and on like some beers. It's the name of the brewery, a name for the beer, and the name of the style. More brewers should do this kind of branding (aside from the Nazi stuff).

This is a picturesque beer. Some beers just resonate a perfect look, and this is certainly one of them. The amber-gold color is striking yet inviting, and the head is thick, fluffy, and sticky as all get out. It leaves a spattering of lacing down the sides of the class as it descends, and this just makes the look even better. Initially, I thought I smelled a lot of bread malt, but now that I'm really taking a good whiff, there is really a citrus and a little bit of pine to the aroma.

First sip is not nearly as bracing as I thought it was going to be. It certainly has flavor, but it's not really pushing me over with it like a lot of IPAs will. Instead, this has a good mix of citrus and tropical fruits that are not really bringing the heavy bitterness that all of these hops would normally bring. The malt is in there doing its job, but it's a very mild caramel malt that doesn't really seem to do a lot to modify the taste more than battle the bitterness.

Tip-in is mild carbonation burn with the caramel malt being a little crusty around the edges, bitterness is pervading the entire mouth, and very light citrus and tropical fruit spritz is adding to the enjoyment. The middle moves the carbonation burn to the back of the throat while the fruits come forward and really take over the front of the mouth. The finish is a little bit tart with the citrus deftly overpowering the tropical, but the fruit and fruit rind seem to be prevailing for the trail off.

Bottom Line: This is a pretty darn good IPA



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