Fat Orange Cat "Living In Our Own Private Idaho" New England IPA

Holy crap, that's an exceedingly long name. Even after I just tried using initials for the New England India Pale Ale, that name is just too dang long. Could you imagine trying to order this in a crowded bar? There's a reason Budweiser is reduced to Bud, and it's not just because it doesn't deserve all three syllables.

The mostly opaque orange beverage has such an even color from the top of the glass to the bottom that I am not sure I would believe that this wasn't edited in Photoshop or GIMP or the like if I wasn't looking at it right here in front of me. There's minimal head, and it leaves a dusting on the very top of the beer, but it leaves little else. The aroma is very faint, but it has bread dough and yeast. I expected hops. Where are the earth-shattering hops?

First sip is sweet orange, grains, pine, and dough. It's a good sip, but it's complicated as heck. I can't say I would recommend drinking this beer by sips, as there is just so much going on that you're definitely not going to get the full effect of the taste through a simple few sips. Of course, this means the full swig has to be good, or I'm talking out of my butt.

Tip-in is light carbonation tingle surrounded by orange and pine. The middle sashays in with a ramped-up carbonation that stings quite a bit all around while the orange gets joined by tangerine and grapefruit and the bread dough pipes up with its yeast in tow. The finish is a wave of tart and bitter followed by the orange and tangerine trailing off.

Bottom Line: It's pretty good, but it's not knocking my socks off.



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