Evil Twin Super Duper Stout

What can I say about Evil Twin? They can do beer right and do beer wrong. They have lots of styles, but it's a shotgun approach where they don't seem to have a standard that beer has to meet before they slap a label on a can and ship it to Nashville. So, we take the good with the bad - kind of a reflection on life.

The brown-black beer pours thick like syrup and had to really be coaxed to leave any head at all. The small amount of brown head that I was able to get for the picture was gone by the time I started writing this. The aroma is coffee, cocoa, and sweetness. It's a good smell, even for those of us who don't particularly like coffee.

First sip is thick and rich with coffee, chocolate, wood, raisins, earth, and dark fruits. It puts me in mind of an oil patch that has been "made safe for human consumption" by adding a bit of sugar and coffee. It's not an approachable beer.

Tip-in is syrup-thick, bitter coffee and bitter chocolate with dark fruit peel and some nuts tossed into the mix. As the molasses comes in with the middle, the wood and earth rise up with a sweetness that is almost sickly sweet. The finish tops this off with a sudden downfall of the earth and a lingering bittersweet mocha.

Bottom Line: They put the Evil in Evil Twin.



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