Evil Twin I Love You With My Stout

Evil Twin, stop jerking me around. You put out some excellent beers, and then you put out some kinda crappy beers. You need to get your stuff together and start producing at a professional level. I'm starting to get the feeling that you are just a hipster beer company that is more concerned with the names of your beers than the flavors that go into them. I'm just about at my breaking point with you.

The beer is deep, dark, and distressingly brown. very quickly, there is nearly no head - just a ring of bubbles around the top of the beer, clinging to the wall of the glass. The aroma is very sweet malt and smoke. The malt is so sweet that it highlights the chocolate and makes the beer smell very crisp.

First sip is kind of chocolate malt with dark fruits informing the mouth that they know just how much alcohol is sitting behind them, and you don't want to look back there. There is still smoke and a bit of vanilla beans and even some grains and coffee. The drink is deep and complex, and I would definitely not call it mild. What would I call a swig?

Tip-in is coffee and chocolate with a liquor mixed in for fun. It's a harsh start. Then, the middle saunters in with a massive amount of heavy-alcohol liquor with some coffee and chocolate and a touch of vanilla trying to cover it a bit. The finish is awash with dark fruit, some grain, an intensifying of the sweetness and the liquor, and I am very displeased with the overall beer. I'm probably not going to be eager to try another Evil Twin beer.

Bottom Line: Well, they tried. They failed, but at least they tried.



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