Evil Twin Even More Jesus Imperial Stout

I genuinely don't know what the hell they mean with the name of this beer, and I'm not interested enough to care. Evil Twin needs to step up their game to get me to keep buying their beer. Producing average or below average beers will only get you so far when you charge this much for beer, so it's time to produce fantastic beer or for me to treat you like Magic Hat and just plain stop trying.

I was careful when I poured it at first. It's been my experience that bottles with long, thin necks tend to burp a lot (especially when first starting to pour) and that results in an unimaginably large head. I shouldn't have bothered with this bottle, as the head is about as minimal as you can get. It sits on top of a thick brown beer that positively absorbs the light around it. The aroma is sweet chocolate, smoke, vanilla, and there's something that smells like acetone or the like.

First sip is very good. It's a deep chocolate and smoky malt with more layers than I know what to do with. It is a heady brew with a thickness to the feel and to the taste like the sip is simply an introduction to a well full of interesting and intimidating darkness. A sip is positively doing this beer a disservice, so I'm taking my swig a lot sooner than normal (even though I suspect that this beer will get better with a little warmth added to it).

Tip-in is smooth, milky malt and smoke. There's not a whole lot else to it other than maybe a hint of black licorice. The middle moves in with chocolate and coffee roasts and an air of superiority. It remains as smooth as the beginning was. As the finish comes, I get the impression of oak and vanilla before a more caustic and acidic lump of liquor seems to assert itself. It trails smoke as it leaves, but the sweetness on the tongue remains for a while.

Bottom Line: A very good imperial stout. It's smooth for the most part, and the part that isn't smooth is a solid character for the beer.



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