Bearded Iris Voltage IPA

Another love letter to me from the folks at Bearded Iris. So, it is just as well that I write one back - hence, my review of Voltage IPA. There are the words Nelson, Motueka, and Taiheke under the word IPA, and I'm pretty sure these are types of hops. Mind you, I'm not to bother Googling, as that would require more work than just drinking and writing.

The beer is ever so predictably hazy and thick like fruit juice. It's a rather vibrant orange with a head that looks oddly reminiscent of orange juice pulp. The aroma is more than just orange juice, as tropical fruits mixed in with the citrus delights in an effort to make my mouth water. Good news! It does!

First sip is more tart and watery than I expected. It's not that this doesn't have flavor, but I expected more fruit juice to be splashed in my face than I'm getting. I certainly can taste both the citrus and the tropical fruits and maybe even some stone fruits, but they are very laid-back to the point that the tartness and a bit of that wateriness is managing to make its way through with more gusto than the fruits themselves.

Tip in is light carbonation burn with papaya, orange, grapefruit, plum, and apricot. There is tartness in this beginning, but this isn't where any of the watery sensation that I was getting before is coming from. During the middle, the citrus and carbonation claw at the top of the mouth while the mild yeast mixes with the various fruits and is joined by some grains right in the middle of the mouth. The finish is a smack of tartness and bitterness, but the trail off is more of the mixed fruit juice with a little bit of sweetness added.

Bottom Line: A love letter to them is still not as good as their love letter to me.



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