Bearded Iris Chasing Rainbows SIX IPA

What? Didn't I already do this beer? Oh! I get it! This is the sixth version of this beer. Wait, did I miss four versions? I guess I did. Well, the previous one appears to have been the very first version of this beer. I'm hoping they improved it a bit, as that beer got a 2.25/5, which isn't bad, but it's well below the average for this brewer. Well, their subsequent beers have proven to be very entertaining. I know they've grown as a Brewer.

The color is a bit more pale than its brother, with more yellow hues managing to worm their way in. The head is pretty much the same with very small bubbles that go away almost completely except for a thin layer on top. The tart and bitter citrus aroma puts me in mind of almost any of the Bearded Iris beers, but I think I'm recalling the previous iteration of this particular sample.

I had described the first sip of the previous version as prickly, but this one has none of that. This is a smooth drinking beer with just enough spices added to the orange, tangerine, and grapefruit to really make this thing stand out. The pineapple really feels like it's the spine of the beer. I think I could sip this beer all night. I won't, though.

Tip in is mild carbonation tingle with grapefruit and pineapple leading the way. The middle really ramps up the carbonation staying at the back of the throat, but the citrus is all mulched together in a pile right in the middle of the mouth with a tartness and a bitterness swirling around the ends. The finish is more crisp than most of the other beers from this brewer, and the trail off is citrus, spices, and tartness.

Bottom Line: This is a great brewery, and they're just getting better.



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