BriarScratch Unincorporated The Ungoverned Ale

Bless these guys. I guess living in Cottontown, TN (where I think I've only been two or three times while passing through) figured out that the best thing to do is to brew your own beer and get drunk for the day. Mind you, with a 4.6% ABV, you're either not getting drunk, or you're going to be peeing a lot. I wonder if this will be more like an All-Day IPA.

The copper beer had more head than I expected, and it overwhelmed the craft beer glass I had set aside for it. Even after the head goes down, there is a nice little cap right in the middle of the beer with lovely lacing on the sides of the glass where the foam used to be. The aroma is yeast, rye, and caramel malt with light floral notes.

First sip does not follow the nose well. It is bitter and has spices all behind the wheat and rye (rough and tumble rye). The yeast is pronounced, but the rye is definitely telling everyone where to go and what to do. It's not so great for sipping.

Tip-in is rye with spices and mild carbonation burn. The middle comes with wheat and grains smacking at the tongue with a gentle yeast and light spices making a bed just above it. The finish is light bitterness with a bit of caramel sweetness and flowers highlighting it all.

Bottom Line: The sip was not good, but a little warmth and a proper swig brings out a little light in this interesting sample.



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