Terrapin Blueberry Thyme Saison Ale

This brewery has bounced around a bit, but their highs are higher than their lows. I approach this beer with more than a little trepidation. This was the last beer that I'd been putting off drinking in my beer fridge. Once I do this one, the rest are all new beers - no holdover reviews (I do still have some beers in there that are already reviewed).

I didn't expect red. This is a red beer made with blueberries. BLUEberries. But, no, we're looking at a red beer, alright. The pink head fizzles quickly, and the very scant patch of bubbles remaining are notably small. The aroma is very strong sour fruits, but I think I smell cherries more than blueberries. I like both fruits, but I dislike sour, so I don't know what will happen next.

First sip is fortunately only slightly sour, but it's overall taste isn't good. The thyme and whatever other spices got tossed into the top of the vat are leaving a pretty nasty taste after the fruity middle (still haven't picked a side on the blueberry v cherry debate). Overall, it seems really dry.

Tip-in is light carbonation tingle that slowly increases as the tartness (not sourness at first) lingers at the front of the mouth. The pure taste is definitely cherries. The middle comes with a bland, watery tartness with sour joining the mix. The finish is a nasty spice-laden sourness that results in a dry, leafy feeling on the tongue.

Bottom Line: Bad.



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