Surly Overrated! West Coast Style IPA

When a new brewery comes onto the scene, I like to give them a leg up by starting with the IPA. Fact is, the IPA is a versatile style that can swing from hop-enraged to gentle and easy drinking. The hops can cover mistakes of the fledgling brewer, so it should be about the best beer they offer. Hell, it seems sometimes like it's the only type Bearded Iris even offers.

Oh sticky head, how do I love thee? Thou art stickier than dew upon the morning grass or jealousy on the face of the middle sibling. Well, we've got a sticky and patchy off-white head on top of an orange-honey colored beer with thick clouds of yeasty oranges and apricot smells billowing up from its deep depth.

First sip is bread that is quite high on yeast added to orange, tangerine, and grapefruit, but then there is a severe kick of bitterness and tartness that just is not being dealt with like you might expect. No, I didn't expect a DIPA kind of smoothness, but the bitterness is just getting away on this one.

Tip-in is a strangely watery yeast with citrus spritz added and carbonation sizzling under it. The middle is a joyous mix of citrus and tropical fruits with a bread base and grains waving hello as they pass by. The finish is a letdown where the world crashes into the shores of bitterness, tartness, grains, yeast, and despair.

Bottom Line: Bright spots and dark spots. It's like life.



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