Mantra Humulus Project Rethink IPA

Mantra is another local brewery that is up there with CSB and Bearded Iris when it comes to potential. I recently swung by the brewery and was a bit disappointed that it seemed like a big tasting room and nothing else. I had some kids with me, and I'd expected a bit more. We went to CSB instead, and everyone had a good time.

The lightly hazy gold beer has a sticky, patchy head of foam that totally screams IPA. The aroma is mostly doughy bread with citrus glaze spread pretty evenly, but there isn't as much aroma as I would like at all. I really have to get into the glass to smell it.

First sip is quite bitter. The hops are asserting bitterness, and there is orange and grapefruit to go with it, but the bread is really distant while that bitterness really takes hold of the mouth and asks if it can stay a while. The sip is a sharp knife to the tongue, and I don't like getting stabbed.

Tip-in is bread malt with a funky yeast and a mild orange sweetness while there is a bitterness lurking deeper. The middle blossoms into spices, grapefruit, oranges, mangoes, more bread, and yeast. The finish is a wave of tart and bitter that is filled with citrus seeds and little else.

Bottom Line: Not sure I'm on board with the new project.



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