Stone //Fear.Movie.Lions Double IPA

I can't say enough about Stone that they'll never read. I mean, I'm a tiny little blog, and they seem like they are on the cusp of becoming too large to be considered a "craft" brewery at this point. They put out so much beer, and it's so good, that it will come eventually. The thing is this: we will all be better for it. They know their stuff.

The beer is self-evidently unfiltered, as it has little white bits suspended in the already very hazy beverage. The thick, sticky head leaves more lacing than I expected or deserve. I love the look of this beer. The aroma is a biscuit malt with light citrus dancing on it. This is going to be fun.

First sip is delightful. It has very nicely muted (but strong) citrus with a mix of grapefruit, mango, orange, tangerine, oats, and then the bitterness and tartness rise up and slap things down, but oats and pine rise up to meet it.

Tip-in is sweet honey with citric acid starting to burn with the carbonation as grapefruit and oranges settle in. The middle is grains and oats bedding down for the oranges, tangerines, starfruit, and apricot to enjoy their time together. The middle is when tartness grabs the front of the tongue while bitterness mulls what life is all about in the back. In the middle, a sweetness tries to settle things down.

Bottom Line: Can Stone do no wrong?



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