Sierra Nevada Experimental Hop Pilsner

The last of the 'experimental' beers, I figured out that the experiment is some kind of odd hops from the mountains of... Oregon? Washington? Mississippi? I dunno. I don't really care that much, either. Let's see how the experimental hops work to give me some kind of superpowers.

She's a pale yellow beer, as any respectable pilsner would be. The thin head leaves more lacing on the sides than any pilsner I can recall, and that may be from the hops. The aroma is a pleasingly sweet citrus with lemon and an earthy backbeat. I've come to this party for a hoppy pilsner, and it appears I've found one.

First sip is very laid back and pretty nice. I could definitely see this as a sipping beer with the low citrus, earthy pine and lemons all nestled together in a relatively sweet beverage. It's smooth and creamy for a pilsner, and it is highly approachable.

Tip-in is bread malt with lemongrass whipping through the mouth like it wants to be seen and tasted, but it doesn't want to upset anyone. The middle is crisp and smooth with the lemon and earth just laying a base for a great beer and then the light spices and bread hop down this bunny trail. The finish is a wave of bitterness followed by a bit too much dryness before lemon is left on the lips.

Bottom Line: Overall, it's good enough.



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