BrewDog Freak State Ink Black IPA

These dogs have been excellent. I'm not exactly sure what the whole process was for this Scottish brewer to start brewing stuff here in the US, but it seems like were getting the best of what Scotland's beers have to offer. I mean, if Scotland has better beers than this to offer, they need to start importing that stuff now.

True to its name; this beer is black. It's not as black is some other beers that claim to be ruby or brown, as it has quite a bit of brown leaking through around the edges - especially around the light tan head that leaves a reluctant amount of lacing that eventually works its way down the sides of the glass to the edge of the beer. The aroma is flour. I would've expected floral or citrus, but this is mostly bread flour with a bit of caramel malt coming through.

First sip is pretty good, but it's also pretty bland. The citrus hops in the dark, roasted grains are blending together fairly nicely, but they're not hitting with much force. Instead, the effect is pretty watery, even when you add the coffee and light chocolate to the mix. Like I said, it's pretty good, but it is ultimately a bit disappointing. But that's just the sip.

Tip-in is carbonation sizzle with light coffee with a hint of chocolate and a bit of citrus trying to add a bit of zest. The middle becomes a very dark roast of grains added to the flavors that started everything, but those flavors don't go away. The carbonation seems to abandon the beer in the middle, but it's replaced by a haze of bitterness. The finish is more bitterness coming along with the heavier chocolate and roasted coffee beans.

Bottom Line: Every brewer is going to have a less-than-perfect beer, and this appears to be the one for these guys.



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