Southern Grist Orange Creamsicle

Look who found another dessert beer. This time, it's not Decadent, it's Southern Grist! Now, it says to drink this "before it melts." That's cute, but it may hint to an underlying lack of confidence in their beer. It's been my experience that worse beers taste better cold (this is why the Rockies turn blue on Coors Light cans).

The beer looks just like a wheat beer, and I think that's what it's based on. The head is flimsy, and it goes down to a thin but respectable pillow on top. The aroma is orange and grains. I expected a little something from the creamsicle aspect of the beer, but I am getting hit in the face with the orange and grains.

First sip adds some vanilla to the mix that gives it a little bit of that creamsicle that the label claims is in here. The grains are pretty heavy, and I'm not sure that I would have gone with a wheat beer as a base for this, but I'm not making beer - they are. I'm just drinking it, and I think they should have gone another way.

Tip-in is orange and coriander mixing with a little vanilla and some sweetness. The middle is a proud stream of cream and grains with the oranges piled high on top. The finish is a harsh hit of grains as the sweetness continues throughout the beer.

Bottom Line: I've had better dessert beers - like within the last couple days.



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