Decadent Double Tropical Smoothie Double IPA

This is the third Decadent beer that have had, and I think it's not coincidental that it is the third dessert beer that is Double IPA based. The DIPAs seem to have a lot more sweetness than a regular IPA or lager or most other beers (except may be a few porters or specialty stouts). So, this is a good style to play around with when it comes to dessert beers.

The hazy orange beer has a tight head that fizzles to a light cap across the top of the beer and leaves striations of connected lacing down the sides as it goes. The aroma is citrus and tropical fruits, and that's about it. I really expected a Double IPA to have a lot more malt right up front, but this one seems to be hiding it behind all of those hops.

First sip is, like its brethren, sweet and creamy. It has the fruits in it, but it's like a tropical mixed fruit and ice cream parfait. It's got pineapple, it's got peach, it's got mango, and then it has some kind of smoothness that's just added in. It's not milky creamy, but it's silky creamy. The sip is pretty good. Let's see how it does with a gulp.

Tip–in is orange and mango, but it's extra sweet. The middle brings forward the malt, but it's a very muted kind of grain. On top of those grains, of course, are the tropical and citrus fruits that are smooth as all get-out. I understand why they call this a smoothie at this point. The finish has a little bit of tart to it right at the beginning and then it trails off with sweetbreads from the malt.

Bottom Line: My third dessert beer from decadent, and they seem to know what they're doing in this space.



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