Revolution Galaxy-Hero IPA

The last Revolution beer had an inscrutable logo and confusing message, but the beer was solid. This one has a better label, but the fact that it is double dry-hopped is featured a little too prominently when I have to go searching around for the style of beer (which I eventually found). They're still looking to anthropomorphize hops, though. I don't know why.

The light amber colored beer has an eggshell white head that sticks to the side pretty darn well. So, lacing is in great supply now, and the aroma of sweet malt and tropical fruits comes rising up from the top of the beverage. It easily causes the mouth to water.

First sip is very bitter and a bit tart. I smelled the tropical fruits, but I thought the sweet malt would overcome the bitterness and... no. No it is not. Instead, the malt ran away and hid as soon as the bitterness came to the party and started to throw its weight around.

Tip-in is bitter right of the bat, and that's pretty damn unusual. But, it has a mango-tangerine backing to it, and the malt is there - barely. The middle is acidic with fruits and rinds, but the bitterness abates to let a touch of sweet bread malt in. Then, the finish is bitter and tart with the pits of a dozen different tropical and citrus fruits.

Bottom Line: Too challenging for what it should be.



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