BrewDog Jet Black Heart Oatmeal Milk Stout

9.6 fluid ounces. This can is 9.6 fluid ounces. No, it's not 16 or 12 or even 11.2 like the Guinness bottles. When I opened this, I didn't realize it was only 9.6, and I wondered what happened to the rest of my beer. There was a LOT of gas that escaped as soon as I cracked it, and I was afraid the beer would come spilling out. Fortunately, I poured it without issue.

This is one of the prettiest beers I've ever poured. I'm very glad the wife got me these new, better glasses, as it shows off the reverse cascading and kind of frothy milk look that this beer is bringing in spades. The tan head settles to a very lovely half inch pillow of tiny little bubbles; I didn't check the can, but these look like nitrogen bubbles. The aroma is lightly charred grains and sweetness. I'm digging it.

First sip is sweet and tart. It has lots of grains and earth with a touch of coffee, but that tart is a little unexpected. It's not bad by any stretch, but it's odd, and I think I needed to get my mouth prepared for something like this. Ah well, you only live once, and I live for the gulp!

Tip-in is toasted oats, earth, and a tartness just outside of reach. The middle comes in with ALL KINDS of milk stout smoothness - just heaps of smooth, sweet creamy goodness with flecks of coffee. The finish is a gentle cessation of the milk, a slow rise of the vanilla sweetness, and an overall graininess with a slightly bitter coffee trail-off.

Bottom Line: Sublime and smooth; I'll have another.



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