New Heights "The" Double Imperial India Pale Ale

Oh? Is this it? Is this THE double? Is new heights actually claiming that this is so far above every other double IPA that this should be held up as the standard? Is it possible they just mean that this is the best double Imperial India pale ale? Because honestly this is the first one I've ever seen. I'm going to assume that's it. Otherwise, we might have a problem.

She's a pretty beer - all orange and murky with a head so thick you could put a quarter on it. I mean, the quarter would fall through, because these are only bubbles after all, but it's thick. Lacing is on the schedule today, and the aroma of citrus and very doughy bread is all up in here. She's pretty, but she's also got substance.

First sip is far sweeter and juicier than I imagined from the smell. It's almost too sweet, but it has that orange and tangerine tang to it that gives it a lot more substance than just a little sweet beer. At the same time, grapefruit and peach stones are giving it a bitterness; it's a world of fun.

Tip-in is that very doughy bread with a layer of flour on it, but it also has a puree of orange and tangerine while the carbonation sizzles lightly. The middle is a tangy, bitter wash of the doughy malt and the tropical and citrus fruits that are a light haze that seem to flow together very nicely, but acid lurks at the back of the throat. The finish is a wave of bitterness and tartness followed by a light fruit.

Bottom Line: Not the best double I've ever had, but it's a good one.



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