Trimtab 006 Hazy Double IPA

I didn't bother to look up why they called this 006. I'm a go ahead and assume that it's because they couldn't get the licensing rights for 007. Also, what's the deal with the name of this brewer? It puts me in mind of jibjab, the old producer of flash animations that was big during the early Clinton years I believe. Don't hold me to that though. It's been a long time.

The orange-wheat colored beer doesn't have much of a head, but the head that is there is thin and even but for the occasional clump of thick, white bubbles. The aroma is orange, tangerine, grapefruit, and maybe some light spices.

First sip is kind of sweet, but there's a depth of citrus, malt, and even yeast that is trying to imbue it with a lot of flavor. Still, the sweetness is winning out, and that's not necessarily bad, but I'd like more hops and slightly more bitterness, if I'm honest.

Tip-in is sweet like saccharine spread across the citrus mix of hops. The middle scrapes out with even more sweetness. Is this right? Am I even tasting beer right anymore? The finish is a caramel malt added to the citrus, and there is resin poking through, but I'll be damned if there isn't more sweetness.

Bottom Line: I didn't expect my hoppy beer to be too sweet, but here we are. Mind you, it's still drinkable.



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