Trimtab Language of Thunder Imperial Stout

I'm writing this review while my nieces and nephews are visiting. I point this out because the wax on the top of this bottle is so strange. See, I expect something like a Maker's Mark bottle where the wax adheres to the glass and is creating a seal to protect the contents from leaking out (or bad stuff getting in). But, the wax on this bottle (especially down toward the middle of the bottle) is completely coming separated by almost an inch. This caused all the kids to instinctively grab it and try to pull, even though there was still beer in it. I just question whether or not the wax is necessary.

So brown that it appears black, this beer boasts a clearly brown head, but it's pretty minimal. The aroma is a chocolate malt with a sweetness and a bitterness - just like dark chocolate. So, I'm saying that the presentation is good.

First sip is very bitter dark chocolate with coriander and a solid earth backing with gentle, almost imperceptible grains. It seems like it has an upswing of sweetness on the back end, but I might just be noticing a retard of the bitterness.

Tip-in is a very mild sizzle of bubbles with the unsweetened chocolate on top of it. The middle opens into a very solid earth with the dark chocolate and the very light coriander on top. The finish is a little more sweet than the middle was, but bitterness remains on the lips and tongue.

Bottom Line: It's a good example of an imperial stout, but it reminds me why they aren't my go-to stout.



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