Decadent Creamsicle Double IPA

It looks to me like Decadent Ales is really trying to corner the market on these dessert beers. The last one I had was certainly good enough, but it's 2.5 rating puts it right in the middle of the pack. It's not outlandish like the crème brûlée beer that I had, and it needs to be special like that. Let's see what we can do with a Creamsicle.

The pale orange beer has a sticky white head that leaves lots of lacing. It's got some murky depths, but light still passes through it, despite quite a bit of visible suspended detritus inside the beer. Mostly orange citrus hops are right up front in the aroma, and the smell is sweet with a little bit of bread. So, we've got a good start.

First sip is relatively unimpressive, but I might've been expecting too much. The beer is definitely citrusy, and the bread is showing through, and there might be light spices like vanilla or even a pepper or two backing the whole thing up. It definitely has a hint of the cream from the Creamsicle, and it's sweet like a Creamsicle would be. Is it decadent? Well, that's what it says on the can, but it's not coming through in a sip.

Tip-in is all sweet and orangey, with the malt not really bringing anything other than the sweetness. The middle is absolutely spectacular. If what you're looking for is a dessert beer, this is really going to hit the spot. The creaminess shines through brightly, with orange, vanilla, and sugars all melded together beautifully. The finish gets a little tangy, but that's tempered by the sweetness. The trail off shows a reflection of the bready malt, but it's covered in sugar.

Bottom Line: It's a sweet end to an evening - so long as you drink it right.



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