Unveiled Double IPA

Yet another beer that I got as a present. I thank the stars that I have such generous siblings. This beer says it was brewed and canned in Abita Springs. I'm genuinely surprised that something other than Abita has come out of Abita Springs. Well, this is a double IPA, so this has a darn good shot at winning my heart.

That is a beer colored beer. It's a gold with a little bit of an amber hue added. I think if I was gonna be a little more professional with these reviews, I probably have to get out a chart full of paint chips and try and match exact colors, but beer is kind of a messy subject, so I think a little slop is okay. The head isn't much, but it sticks pretty well. There isn't going to be any lasting lacing, but the heads impressive enough. It smells of sourdough, flowers, and some citrus. This is a good start.

First sip is downright excellent. It has that raw sourdough bread malt that is a nice base for the citrus and flowers to lean into. The fruit is bright and a little bitter, but bitterness is what we expect from hops, isn't it? Of course, we expect DIPAs to be a little more sensible than your regular IPA.

Tip-in is moderate carbonation burn with flowers and citrus rind mixed up and oozing through the teeth. The middle brings a carbonation fingernail scrape down the back of the throat and having its way with the citrus and flowers. The finish is a jolt of bitterness, but then it's a cessation of sweetness that trails off into a yeast and flour dough.

Bottom Line: I like double IPA's, and I like this one.



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