Platform Speed Merchant White IPA

One of my brothers got me the cute bottles with the antlers on them, and I couldn't have thanked him enough. I didn't like them all evenly, but I like trying new beers, so any beer is welcome (except for you, Magic Hat - you know what you did). This comes from my OTHER thoughtful brother in Ohio who gave me beers that were all local to him; and no, I can't thank him enough.

The golden beer with a brassy tone absolutely does NOT want to release any head. When it is forced out, it is a white dusting of tiny bubbles with the occasional adult bubble thrown in. The aroma is just what it says on the can: citrus fruits, tropical fruits, and pine. It adds a bit of bready malt to the mix, but the hops are out in front having a parade to enjoy just being hops.

First sip is a lot smoother than I expected, but it has a bitter trail that makes you wonder if all the hops were worth it. I joke, because they totally are. The mangoes and pineapple are joined by oranges and papaya to dance gleefully around the moderate alcohol fire (only 6.6% ABV) while the pine trees blow slightly in the wind. Yes, there is a bit of bread on that fire, but it just got put there a bit ago, so the yeast is still wet.

Tip-in is sweet citrus rind at the bottom, but it's pine and carbonation up top. The mix would be jolting if the tropical fruits were just barely there to sit in between. The middle is where everything mixes together in a bit of a fruit smoothie with a bit more spice to it. The finish is a dry affair, but it is punctuated by that bitter trail-off.

Bottom Line: An imperfect beer that is going down perfectly tonight.



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