Magic Hat HiCu (Hibiscus Cucumber) Ale

What was I thinking? I picked up the Magic Hat sampler, and I didn't even bother looking to see what beers were in it. I had enjoyed Magic Hat #9 on so many occasions, that I figured they had enough talent that I should give all the beers they packed a shot. Heck, I toured the brewery in Vermont with my brother-in-law, and we tried every one they had at the time. Few beers taste bad while you're at the brewery.

Well, this label is so hard to read that I probably wouldn't have been able to discern it in the limited time I dedicated to the purpose of picking up some beer. Adding cucumber to a beer sounds too off the wall to be any good, but Cammo's Watermelon Brew demonstrated that an odd ingredient can be added to the positive effect on the beverage. However, the Pistil Dandelion Ale from this same brewer (Magic Hat) was a severe disappointment. 

The beverage has a haze similar to the Pistil ale. The head is thin, but it sticks around and steeples down the glass as it is imbibed, which is always welcomed. The aroma is very floral. I mean, I may as well be flower arranging here. I cannot smell anything else in there: no hops, no malt, no citrus, no nothing. Just a whole heap of flower. 

First sip conveys assurance that this was a mistake. The flowers are horrifically bad. I would try a deep swig, but I'm not masochistic. I am dumping this crap. It should never have been brewed, and it needs to disappear from the market altogether. I think there were three in the sampler, and I'm dumping the other two as well. I didn't have high hopes, and this failed to meet even the minimal expectations that I had. 

Wow. That shouldn't be marketed as beer. Fortunately, some #9 was in that sampler, and I'm going to crack one of those to get this taste out of my mouth. 



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