Small Town Brewery - Not Your Father's Mountain Ale

Not my first Small Town beverage, and this isn't even the first beverage I've had that is supposed to replace Mountain Dew in the great scheme of adult-style soda beverages. I figure these things exist in the space where Zima was or a wine cooler might still (although I hear Zima has returned). Let's hope it's better than what it replaces.

It is not the color of Sun Drop, but I think it is vastly closer to Mountain Dew than the WG version. It's an electric yellow with a head that, predictably, doesn't hang around for very long. The aroma is sweet and heavy with alcohol. Is it the sweet citrus smell of The Dew? Yeah, I guess it is, pretty much.

First sip is sweet and citrusy. It has the twinge of alcohol, but it's not doing much more than letting you know it's there. Instead, the sip just lets you know how crushable this beverage is and how much better than regular Mountain Dew this tastes. I definitely prefer it.

Tip-in is syrupy sweet citrus with loads of sugar added. Still, underneath, there is a tang to it that gives it more of a body than you might expect. The middle is a heightened sweetness that includes some ginger and vanilla while the tanginess is overwhelmed with the sweet. The finish is more citrus than sweet, and it trails off with a bit more of a tang.

Bottom Line: This is how you Dew it.



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