Mother Earth Cali Creamin' Vanilla Cream Ale

Mother Earth was new to me, but now, they are like some old friends coming over - and they bring beer! If only my real friends came over with beer :-(. I'm just kidding - my friends don't come over. Instead, I just drink alone and complain about Magic Hat.

The mostly clear gold beer has a head that is... nope, it's gone now. It's still got quite a bit of carbonation, though, so bubbles are still coming up to the surface to die. The aroma is light vanilla, and it's also strangely grainy. I'm digging it.

First sip is vanilla backed with the grains. The grains are pretty light, so it's like a vanilla cream with bitter, unloved malt from a blonde or a pilsner. I can't say this is working well from a sip. Maybe there's more to this underneath.

Tip-in is carbonation above all else, but there is a sizzle of slightly lemony water under it. Then, the middle is where the vanilla asserts itself with a very light breeze of grains. The finish is a whip-smack of bitterness with the vanilla dying on the shelf before a grainy, bitter end.

Bottom Line: I'm not sure who this is for. It's not me.



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