WG Brewing Wild Sit Russ Hard Citrus Soda

I was told at the time I was looking for beers that this beverage was like an alcoholic version of Mountain Dew or Squirt. Intrigued, I picked up a can for testing and reporting here. I figured that I like some citrus soda beverages (the glass bottle version of Sun Drop is a particular favorite, as it has real sugar and citrus detritus continuing to flavor the beverage even after the sucker is put in a bottle) so I might just like this one, too.

The beverage is a bit more green than I remember The Dew being. It's certainly more colored than Sun Drop or even Mello Yello. The aroma is very strong with alcohol, and it's kind of light with citrus. Aside from that, there's not much to say. If someone sat this down in front of me and told me it was a Dew, I wouldn't believe them.

First sip is syrupy sweet. It tastes like frozen ice cone syrup with some kind of slight alcohol or antifreeze added. But, that twinge is pretty minor compared to the syrup. The syrup is definitely supposed to be a kind of citrus, but it has quite a bit of sugar added. I'm not sure I can even judge the consistency with this much sugar added to it. Let's try the swig, like you pound a Dew!

Tip-in is citrus syrup - cold and sweet to the point of causing my cheeks to pucker. The middle rolls in with a dampening of the sweetness and a heightening of the citrus. It is the middle, I think, that brings out the best of the beverage, and it is not bad at all. The finish is a bit of tartness followed by that alcoholic sting.

Bottom Line: Not as sweet as some apple ciders I've had, I guess, and if you're looking for a candy-like beverage made for adults, this might be a good alternative.



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