New Heights 5th & Oak Pale Ale

On tap at the reliable City Sliquors is this local Nashville beer. I was going to make some joke about this being brewed on the banks of the muddy Cumberland, but this is technically brewed in Franklin, I think, so it's not going to be anywhere near the river. Still, this is a rare enough beer that they don't actually mention it on their website (as of my writing).

Hello, hazy copper-brown beer. How are you? Oh, you say you've found yourself with a fairly thin head, but you leave as much lacing as you can with the little head you have going for you? Well, I don't think that anyone could hold it against a bready-citrus-scented beer like you. Your presentation is just fine - and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

First sip is a sweet caramel and bread malt with citrus lovingly caressing it. Am I anthropomorphizing this beer too much? Yeah, I probably am. So, let's just back off and say that the personality of this beer is precious, and you shouldn't judge an angel like my little girl here!

Tip-in is brown sugar and thick, brown bread. Citrus is right on the tip of the tongue, and carbonation is barely active. The middle is orange rind over the bready malt and the sweetness stays around to help things out. A bit of coriander is just sneaking in before the finish brings a vagueness of tangerines and bitterness.

Bottom Line: Not bad, but it is ultimately pretty forgettable.



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