Southern Grist Process Control Double IPA

I would have sworn up and down that I had already tried something from this Nashville-based brewery, but I looked through my reviews and found nothing. In reality, this blog is really just so I can keep track of the beers I've had, what I liked or didn't like about them, and if I should have them again when I'm out and about. As a bonus, I share the experience with the world in general.

Okay, it's possible I've been drinking too many Bearded Iris beers lately, but I'm now almost expecting what this beer looks like: very hazy, juice-like orange with a full head that you can balance a quarter on (not actually, but you get the point). The aroma is citrus hops and mild grains (that may be toasted).

First sip is tangy tangerine, nectarine, orange, grapefruit, and the texture of papaya with the grains mixing in for the background. It's definitely got character, and I want to know more about it. There's only one good way to do that - the swig!

Tip-in is tart and tangy with the zest of a thousand fruits and a very light carbonation. The middle opens up into the meat and gristle of the fruits with chunks of all those fruits I taste in the sip just mashed together on a fork and shoved into the mouth. The finish is grains with a bitter turn and tartness left on the lips.

Bottom Line: Barkeep! Another round!



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