Perrin 98 Problems IPA

When Michigan produces an IPA, I start to think, "Why should I drink something from Michigan instead of one of those great West Coast IPAs that I've had so many of?" Well, I'm not sure I have an answer better than the idea of why to climb a mountain - because it's there. The fact is, beauty can come from anywhere - even Michigan.

The somewhat hazy orange beer has quite the head on it, doesn't it? Lacing left on the sides is big old bubbles of awesome. Pine and citrus dance their sweet dance of hoppiness while the malt is ... let's go with understated to be honest. But, the presentation overall is pretty damn good.

First sip is a little more watery than I expected. It has definite flavor in there, but there is way too little of it in the middle. I know there's a malt and there are hops with bitterness. Aside from that, this is a watery mess that I had not been expecting or wanting. But, that's the nature of a sip, isn't it - a limited picture.

Tip-in is sweet caramel malt with mild carbonation tingle and light pine drifting on the breeze. The middle - which I expect to be a watery mess - is actually thick citrus and pine hops just stabbing at the tongue like a jealous girlfriend who just found her boyfriend hugging a pretty girl (who will later be revealed in a twist to be his sister) stabbing incoherently and randomly. The finish is a wave of bitterness and floral trail-off.

Bottom Line: Don't sip. Gulp. And then you will enjoy this beer.



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