Mother Earth "Born Blonde" Blonde Ale

A blonde birthed from Mother Earth. This is my fifth from this brewery, and they have proven to be unfortunately fairly average. Almost every brewery has the one standout, and Mother Earth's, was pretty good, but I wasn't really nuts for it. Maybe this will be the real standout.

Lemon scented air causes waves in a grainy pasture (more grains than I would expect from a blonde, but not so much to be a wheat ale). The head isn't really much, and the slight, patchy cap that it is isn't really going to leave any lacing, but that's okay. The gold beer still draws me into its coolness and warmth.

First sip is lemon heavy, but it has bread backing it. It's a bit of a grainy bread, but this is definitely bread, not wheat or anything. The lemons have a little more (non-lemon) citrus flavor added to them, and that's for the better.

Tip-in is carbonation sizzle with lemons and light acidity. It leads into a middle that features bread with the carbonation seriously taking hold. The finish hits a little grainy followed by a light skunk. Yup, it's skunk. That seems like the wrong thing to add to a beer, but it's what I've encountered, and it's not doing this beer any favors.

Bottom Line: Forgettable except for the skunk, really.



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