Blackberry Farm Peel Your Face Orange IPA

My fourth Blackberry Farm beer, and this one has been sitting on my shelf for a while. I've been kind of avoiding a few of the beers I got, but I do so subconsciously. I don't know if the label has turned me away from them or if two out of the three on this particular shelf said they were some kind of beer I'm not usually a fan of. This is a mystery that scholars will debate for ages.

Ignore the strange dark distortion at the top of the glass in this picture - that's the Guinness label on the glass that I hoped would be blocked by the nice, fluffy white head, but it didn't work out in my favor. What IS working in my favor is the smell - orange and grains aplenty. To make things even better, the clear gold beverage is one of those beers that looks exactly like you would picture as a beer.

First sip is sour, bitter, spicy, and citrus. I didn't expect the sour - there's nothing about it on the bottle, but that's what I taste. I don't like sour beers, but the sour is just an ingredient in the taste profile of this beer, so I will keep this thing moving.

Tip-in is that sourness, but it's coated with a sweetness that is almost like granular sugar, it's so sweet. The grains and oranges at sitting at home, looking around, pleased at the environment. The middle comes with oranges, spices, fibrous orange peel, and some very doughy bread. The finish is a lip-smack of bitterness, sweetness, orange rind, and spices.

Bottom Line: I genuinely thought I wouldn't like it at the sip, but a full swig is all this needed to shine.



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