Mikkeller Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse

There are a lot of things about this beer that shocked me right off the bat. I didn't take the pictures of raspberries on the can seriously enough to anticipate the pink hue that this beer has, and I didn't expect to see that the ABV was an amazingly pedestrian 3.7%. I mean - is this even a beer at this point? I wasn't impressed with the first Mikkeller beer I had, and I don't really have high hopes now.

The color, as I said before, has a definite pink hue, but it puts me in mind of someone who has a very bad injury to their urinary tract, so their urine is intermingled with blood; sorry, but that was what I immediately thought of. The head is pretty nice, and it leaves a solid hunk of bubbles floating on top of the beer. The aroma is raspberries and little else.

First sip is sour, sour, sour, sour raspberries. WTF? I'm not buying another beer from these people. I don't like sour beers, and this is so damn sour. I have described the Warheads sour candies before, and this is like the dust from one of those with nothing good to back it up other than the remnants of raspberry Jolly Ranger that didn't make it into the sugar part of the processing line.

Tip-in is watery before the sourness comes in with a slight grain behind it, but nothing can hold a candle to that sourness. The middle is where the sourness builds like a wave in the front of the mouth while the grains can be enjoyed (at least a little) in the middle of the mouth. The finish is another pile of sourness with the berries floating on top of it, pointlessly.

Bottom Line: Sour and crappy.



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