Modern Times Orderville Hazy Mosaic IPA

Not sure I've ever had a stronger recommendation from the esteemed Jeremy of City Sliquors fame (he is quick to point out that they are in La Vergne, TN and not Smyrna, as I have mistakenly said in the past). He said how much he liked this beer as he placed it into my cart, knowing that I would want to try it. He was right.

The very hazy beer is honey gold and has a very nice white head of foam that only shows slight signs of lacing. My wife got me the new set of glasses to make the presentation of the beer a bit nicer, and this is technically designed for a stout or something, but it still makes it look pretty, and this beer has enough aroma to overcome the smaller mouth of the glass. That aroma is musty citrus with grapefruit and mangoes out front; it's more inviting than a flashing "OPEN" sign.

First sip is sharp. It's got that snap of a citrus fruit with all those mangoes and grapefruit joined by oranges and a thin layer of oats at the bottom of the metal keg that it is clearly sitting in. It's a good sip. It has texture and solidity, but it's certainly not heavy. I wonder what a swig would be like...

Tip-in is musty grapefruit and oranges with the mangoes out at the fringes. The middle is a wallop of citrus rinds and the very light oatmeal dusting across the bottom of the whole thing, making stuff more solid without being heavy. The finish is a tang of fruit and then trail off of sweetness.

Bottom Line: That's one hell of a beer. Do they make more?



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